Need Help Getting My Life Together(Staying Focused with Harder Classes)

So next year I’ll be a junior and I’m taking the following classes:

AP Human Geography
AP English Lang
AP World History
AP Psychology
Physical Training
Spanish 3

I’m usually one of those kids that you see finesse their way through school a.k.a Smart but doesn’t try a lot and has a pretty bad work ethic but still gets good grades. But Junior year is really important in college admissions and I’m trying to make sure that I can keep up my almost 4.0 GPA with 4 AP’s next year.

Do you have any tips on how to manage my time, and be productive for next year.

Thanks in advance!!

Everything you need is in the book below. It is written for college students, but the methods work well for hs too. My son was a 4.0 Hs student, but coasted on horsepower. After reading this he was never studying past 10. He graduated in engineering magna cum laude while working 12-20 hours per week. Good luck!

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This is definitely a book that I would read. Do you think that you could give a quick summary of what it said?

Thank you too for the quick reply!!

It’s a quick, enjoyable read, so you shouldn’t take the TL;DR approach from my synopsis. In a nutshell it teaches you how to schedule your time, what to prioritize when, and how to study deeply, without distraction when you’re “on the clock.” It is all about efficiency and not about grinding. It was written by a MIT PhD who is now a CS Prof at Georgetown and a multi-time NYT Bestseller.

I second and third the book. Get it. It’s a fun read and do what it says. It’s a fast read but again follow through. College is much harder then anything your doing now. Build those skills now.