Need help, helping my child pick career in Medicine

So I am not familiar at all with all the various opportunities within Medical Career to help my child guide to the right path so seeking your help.
She is not too keen in becoming a DO/MD but is considering ‘something’ in the clinical/medical line of work.
She does want a good pay, wants to work closely with people, make a difference in someone’s life or world :slight_smile:
Challenging, rewarding
Does not want to be a dentist, optometrist, but is thinking of PA. What other options are there for her to consider along w/colleges(universities)? Anything in TX?
THANK You so much for taking the time to read.

There are dozens of health-related professions that you and your daughter have probably never heard of.

Here’s a good resource to start your research–
[Explore Health Careers](

There is a searchable database of careers, including a “career explorer” tool where she puts in her desired length of post-high school education (0-15 years) and approximate desired salary.

Higher paying careers will have higher education requirements.

Some other careers to consider–anesthesia assistant, nurse midwife, nurse practitioner, cardiac perfusionist, medical librarian, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech & language pathologist, radiation therapist, podiatrist, cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation specialist, clinical social worker, respiratory therapist, dietitian, audiologist, rehabilitation counselor, public health program manager, kinesiologist.