Need help improving on Writing section.

<p>I need some advice on what to do or get to improve my writing score.I am taking the SAT next year and so far this summer i have taken 2 practice test.
First from the BB :
Essay: 4
Then today from the online BB course
Essay: 10
I improved but i am trying to get a 700+ so i need some advice.</p>

<p>The online essay grader isn't reliable because ts solely based on length (I've proved it by pasting a news article and got a 12)</p>

<p>Honestly, the best and most efficient way is to use the practice tests from the blue book. Go through them, and review each question looking at what's wrong and remembering it. </p>

<p>Familiarizing yourself with the differnt types of errors and the ways that they are asked is the best way to learn. I was able to increase from a 560 (PSAT) to a 800 (Dec 08 SAT) by literally going through the BB and doing what I stated above.</p>