Need help in deciding which college to transfer too?

Hi guys so I just got my associates degree at Hudson County Community College and I’m planning to transfer.I’m a computer science major and I have to choose between New Jersey College University or Saint Peter’s University. There both located in New Jersey and are very easy to commute too. However for some reason people from my city say that New Jersey College University does not have a good reputation and it will be really hard to get a job after graduation. People call it “another highschool”.My biggest fear is that I go into the workplace without any knowledge or skills. I have heard that companies don’t really care about the reputation of the college you graduated from, all it matters is that you should know what to do and have the skills needed for that job. I want to go to a college where when I graduate I know that I’m ready to do that job, and I want to land a job easily.I try to reach recent alumni of both of the colleges but had no luck. I have attached the list of courses that are required to be taken in order to acquire a computer science degree B.S from both colleges, and it also provides details about the courses.It would be very nice of you guys to check it out and give me your opinion on which one would be a better choice. Thank you so much. Any help is appreciated.

Computer Science Curriculum ------>

Details about the courses--------------->


Courses Catalog-----> (STARTS FROM PAGE 106)