Need help in listing UC classes on app

<p>Okay I'm doing the UC online application right now and there's a problem; it only lets you list 7 classes per year, and I take 8 classes. I read the a-g requirements and it says this for the g-requirement:</p>

<p>"List only UC-approved college-preparatory electives, such as social science, Computer Science and ninth-grade laboratory science. (Do not list courses such as PE, typing, driver's education, health, or pep squad)"</p>

<p>Well, I'm taking 7 ap classes and a web page design class right now. Does web page design count as "computer science" or "typing"? Should I just list the 7 ap classes and exclude the web page design? Or should I download a paper application and use that instead? I'm in a dilemma here, please help!!</p>

<p>Please reply, thank you~</p>


<p>Find out if the web design class is college prep. It probably isn't. So just list your 7 (sheesh!) AP classes.</p>

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<p>look up your HS class in doorways, and it will show if web design counts as a 'a-g' elective.</p>

<p>I also took web design. It is not an A-G course. It is an ROP course. I'm not sure where that can go on a UC application, though.</p>