Need Help in Transferring

<p>Heres the story. I hope someone can help me out. I attended one semester of college and played varsity field hockey. I also had a very possessive, abusive boyfriend whom i stayed with because of the things he said he would do to me and my family and friends (was i stupid). My second semester my parents finally pulled me out because I wasnt doing well at all. I couldnt concentrate - my GPA is awful. Needless to say I woke up and put a PFS against my ex boyfriend and we just finished up going to court because of damage he did with his anger to my dorm room and to myself. Now the college that i am applying to (now that i have my head on straight) wants me as a transfer student. My grades are bad...i need help in writing a letter explaining the situation. I spoke with the Director of Admissions and he said to write to him and explain. It embarrassing to say the least but i really belong back in school. I am only 18 and want the best for myself. Can anyome help me out here? Please!</p>

<p>Do what the Director wants you to do- just explain the situation. Just keep it short and sweet, they don't need to hear details becuase they know these kind of situations can pull down a GPA. If you don't feel comfortable writing the letter, see if your class dean can take care of it.</p>

<p>Yeah I second tickleme's advice. Its not the end of the world you'll be fine but next time try to stay away from abusive people who make threats to your friends and family</p>