Need help narrowing down my list. Any info is useful

<p>Trying to clean up my college list, so excluding cost, (I'm mostly trying to get a rough idea right now) which of these would work best for me.
1. U of Maryland- college park
2. Boston U
3. George Washington
4. u of Miami
5. U of Wisconsin
6. Ohio St
7. American U
8. James Madison
9. Northeastern U
10. U of Kansas
11. Florida State
12. U of Vermont
13. Ohio U
14. Michigan State
15. UGA
16. USCarolina
17. Syracuse
I'm looking for a college with a diverse, liberal, some what spirited, student body. I want it to be a little challenging, with a wide range of subjects, and fun things to do in my free time (parties, college town, sports, music, etc). I enjoy writing, history, social studies, and politics and lately I've been thinking about either being a lawyer, politician, writer, or a music producer but I'd be contempt with a business or economics major. 3.96 GPA (3.622 uw), 27-30 ACT, 1850-2000 SAT, 4 AP world history, lots of AP and PreAP classes, and a good amount of extracurriculars.
Thanks for any help you can give me:)</p>

<p>First, you need to have a safety. Ohio State is the safety that matches your criteria best. The state schools are usually more diverse than the private schools. </p>

<p>Now look for some matches. MSU, Miami, Boston U, Northeastern, Syracuse, Wisconsin, UMCP all appear to be acceptable choices. </p>

<p>Only George Washington is a reach school. You should look for more of those.</p>

<p>I am not sure I would consider UMCP a match- more like a low reach. Your ACT and SAT, while very good, are on the low end for them- especially as an OOS. Their application is very time-consuming and quirky, but fun. You need to consider how you would tailor your application for them. Also, I am a FSU alum, although it was quite some time ago. I would NOT consider that a “liberal” minded campus. UF would be more so, and since it looks like you want to be in Florida as you have both UM and FSU on your list, you might consider USF which would likely be a match for you. You haven’t shared info on ECs, any hooks, volunteer and or work experience and strength of letters and this is the time to polish those areas.</p>

<p>FSU is a reach if you are OOS. I think they only accept 12% of their class from OOS.</p>

<p>I have some other colleges that I’m pretty sure I’m going to apply to. UMich is my reach as of now. This is mostly to round out the colleges I’m applying to. Ohio St as safety sounds good. I’m probably going to apply to Oregon and Indiana which I don’t know if you would consider them safeties for me or not. I’ve heard that FSU is moderate but if its a reach then it’s probably not worth applying to. I’d probably have to visit UMCP to really decide if I want to apply there.
My ECs are:
Well I just finished chairing my schools battle of the bands about an hour ago and I’m going to do chair next year. The battle of the bands supports my schools orchestra where I play violin. I’m in NHS. Over spring break I served as a student ambassador to Taiwan. I play guitar and bass and have played with many bands throughout high school and middle school, including one that I recorded with. I went to my congressman’s youth leadership program in Washington DC last summer(stayed at GWU for a week), I was a founding member of my schools Young Democrats Club last year(my schools very conservative) and I went to the state geography bee in eighth grade.</p>

<p>And I just might be able to get an eagle scout in time.</p>

<p>I just read my post and it was kind of confusing, so just to clarify, I have some colleges that I didn’t list because I’m pretty sure I’m going to apply to them anyways.</p>