Need help on AP Lit Multiple Choice

I haven’t been making much progress in my AP Lit multiple choice. Generally, I get around 38-40 questions correct. I want to have at least 46 questions correct to put me at a safe spot for a 5. On the essays, I usually get a 7 or an 8. Getting a 39 MC and three 7 essays would put me at a borderline 5, which isn’t quite a great place to be in if you want to really get a 5. I don’t want to depend on my essays alone to carry me. I feel the biggest issue for me is timing. I usually start off well, answering questions timely and accurately, but then there’s always that one passage in the middle that takes longer for me. It takes up so much time that, by the time I get to the last passage, I have about six minutes left. Since I’m rushing through these questions, my accuracy goes down. How are you supposed to finish all the questions on time without sacrificing accuracy?