Need help on the UC application process

<p>Where do I put my leadership roles like in clubs and stuff? For community service do I just list every community service stuff that I did or just the club?</p>

<p>Well, for the club section and community service section, it tells you to put down leadership positions. I don't quite understand your last question, but like, if you're in Key Club, you would just put that under club, even though its a community service club. But, let's say you did like hours at a hospital, it would go under community service</p>

<p>hope that helps</p>

<p>Like for Key club theres alot of variety when volunteering. For example, Like working at soda booth for beach fest. Do you just put down every single volunteer place you have done. Like breast cancer walk, beach fest and put the hours?</p>

<p>Put down " Key Club, grades 9,10,11,12; President; 10 hours a week, 40 weeks per year." If you have any activities that do not fit into the spaces allowed (5), but want them to know about, then be sure to mention them in your personal statement. Don't sweat the format too much... just get as much on your application as space allows.</p>

<p>^i have a question, where do i put the leadership positions ? it only has format like "Key Club, grades 9,10,11,12; 10 hours a week, 40 weeks per year."
there's no wat do i do..?</p>

<p>I put everything Key Club under extracurricular activities. I noted the most significant projects that we did for the description. I put the number of hours of community service that I did with the club, as well as the meetings (added them together). IS THIS CORRECT? =/</p>

<p>Ren, for leadership positions, I put the club I was in and then included it in the description... "President position: _________"</p>

<p>Please correct me, anybody, if I'm wrong!</p>