Need help picking major

<p>i am currently a student at Suffolk County Community College on Long Island i plan on transferring to Stony Brook University for spring 2011. I like discussing Politics and current event. history has always been my strongest subject. i was planning on majoring in political science when i transfer. Stony brook has a combines Poly sci/MPP program. but after reading a little about probably not finding a good paying job with this degree i started thinking about changing it. i am not really that naturally talented at math so i ruled out engineering right away. two degrees that are offered at stony brook that caught my attention the most are Bs in business management in which i would have to pick an area of specialization in : accounting, finance, marketing, or management operations. A minor is also required for this totally about 67 credits. the other major that i was thinking about is a BA in economics. Can anyone please elaborate on possible careers for each of these two majors. which one is more flexible, better pay, more marketable. ect.. any feed back would be appreciated. oh and i currently have a 3.9 Gpa is that matters.</p>