need help preping for the ACT

I was wondering if anyone who scored a 34+ on the ACT would tell me what books, websites or resources they used?
I haven't taken the test yet but when I do I want my first score to be good so I wont have to study a whole lot more to improve the score.

<p>I tutor for the ACT and i have my students use “the ACT for Bad Test Takers” and “the Real ACT”. The first book is a strategy guide for the test which will help you to optimize your time and have a game plan going in. The second is a prep book which uses 5 real ACT exams with explanations, which is the bare minimum i would suggest going through to get your optimum score.
Both of those things can be found at [The</a> ACT for Bad Test Takers | A Revolutionary Approach to Tackling the ACT exam](<a href=“]The”></p>

<p>Keep in mind that the more tests you do the more you will improve. I think there are some more old ACT exams linked on that website under resources. You can use them after the real ACT book.</p>