Need help raising SAT score by 200 points!

<p>For those that have scored 750+ on the SAT math, how did you prepare? Which books did you use? Is gruber's and barron's good for math practice?
I want to raise my SAT composite by 200 points, how do I do that in 3 weeks?</p>

<p>try Barron's, it's hard. so u should be okay on the SAT .</p>

<p>get real tests, as in the ones from the past from student answering service</p>

<p>Is anyone willing to give me those Q&A tests?</p>

<p>Try this link</p>

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<p>Just download the packets of 5 SATs each</p>


<p>Thank you so much.</p>

<p>2007 Kaplans Comprehensive SAT study book

<p>I just prepared with the blue book and the 11 test PR book. 750 isn't really all that difficult if you put the time in</p>

<p>whats the best book to get to raise CR!?!!?!></p>

<p>For Math, D found Gruber very useful. The Princeton review was ok overall but did not raise her Math score in particular. She went from 690 to 750. When she took the test she found the math part very hard, but somehow she got 800.</p>

<p>i wrote this for SAT 2 Math:
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<p>but basically if you want 750+ then you definitely have to be able to do EVERY ONE of them since everyone will end up making some stupid mistakes
when you do practice. don't worry about the score as much as why you got them wrong. and learn how to solve the problems.
if time is your problem. then just practice more, then you'll be familiar with the questions types and know how to solve them without thinking too much!</p>

<p>math is as much practice as the other two sections, unless you are naturally good at it. but for those who are naturally good at it, their practice is more like collected through the years then born with.
so PRACTICE!</p>

<p>barrons is really good because it is hard, it has 2 math test, and it has everything you need to kno for math section under its summaries or wutever, there are about 30 of those summary things, before taket the first exam see how you do then do one summar per day which takes about 15 min you will be fine, then do some excercises to seee if you understood summary, then at end after doing the thirty summaries take the last pracitice test and see how you score, remamber if you score low don't be discouraged bc barrons is harder than otehrs, i went from 710 to 800 doing this.</p>

<p>^^ forgot to tell you i used the math workbook the new one edition 3 i think.</p>