need help really badly :d

So heres my problem. Over the summer I will be doing drivers ed, an internship at a local hospital for 3 weeks(its a program), and training to get ready for football. The problem is there is a mandatory camp that I need/want to attend. That is during the last week of my volunteering for the hospital. The camp is in the opposite direction and I won't be able to make it to the hospital to volunteer at all as it is an all day/night thing. I have already emailed the coordinator in charge of the program and am waiting for her reply now, but what should I do incase things go wrong?
Best case scenario: I can be let off early and skip that week fine
Worst case: It's one or the other</p>

<p>If it comes down to the worst case, which one should I choose? I want to do both of them, but chances are, knowing my bad luck, I will have to pick one or the other. Which one should I pick?</p>

<p>what is the camp about? if it is football then i suggest you go to football. volunteering is pretty easy to go about.</p>

<p>I had to write an essay and stuff for the volunteering. It wasn't exactly the easiest thing to get into and the camp is all about football. Strategies, and we will have like 3 practices a day just football for 4 whole days</p>

<p>well if you're desperate for varsity or if you're aiming to get awards, such as MVP, and scholarships for being a top player i suggest you go. but if you are going to major in something medical or biology-related in college or university, maybe you should go with the hospital volunteering then.</p>

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