Need HELP! - Schools to apply for transfer?

<p>Hey guys, so I'm an ordinary sophomore currently in an LAC seeking to transfer to either another LAC or a bigger university as a junior. I hope you guys on CC can kindly help see if the list of colleges I am applying to is sufficient, flawed, or otherwise (list is below) or suggest additional schools.</p>

<p>What I find lacking in my current school and consequently what I desire:
1. Research opportunities for econ/philosophy (they have ample research opportunities for freshmen and above in biology and chem, but none in the departments mentioned above)
2. Surrounding town bores me to death. I need a more happening place that is easily accessible via public transport which is also easily accessible. By happening I mean a city/town which I can go out and walk around, sit by a cafe, listen to jazz band, contemplate by a lake etc. Nothing to do with drinking. It would be nice if there were conferences on current events or think tanks surrounding that area, but that is not vital.
3. Less hook-up culture and more opportunities to date, damnit.
4. A sizeable majority who think it is ok to talk about philosophy and current affairs for fun during the weekend. Basically, a real 'nerd' culture. And people that really care about their future - like seek to do harder classes, seek out internships; fellowships, research etc. and not be so freaking lazy about things.
5. A sizeable conservative population. I am a moderate, and the politically liberal atmosphere is my school is kinda stifling. All that talk about being open to dialogue and accepting other people's views - utter rubbish. </p>

<p>What my school has and what I hope to still find in wherever I transfer to:
1. Talented but humble students. I'm still amazed by what some of the students in my school can do. Piano maestro, pastry chef, suicide hotline personnel, NASA interns, 4-5 language speakers etc etc. But you don't learn about them until you get to know them well or 'catch' them at it.
2. Lack of cutthroat atmosphere. I've always believed in the value of being competitive with yourself, instead of backstabbing others, as a means of building character, intelligence and skills. The existence of competition is necessary and ok.
3. Great dorms. Oh man, the school I'm going to transfer to either better have great, non-cockroach dorms, or at least accessible off campus housing opportunities that are clean (I am a hypochondriac) and I still get to meet people.
4. Friendly students.</p>

<p>Other concerns:
1. Weather: Four seasons would be superb. But otherwise, I don't really care too much.
2. Ease (or relative ease) to make new friends. I am very concerned over that as a transfer student.
3. Name recognition and prestige. Dude, I need to know that employers are not going to look at my application and come up blank over my college/university.
4. Lack of drinking culture. Or at least a sizeable number of people who don't like to drink. Lack of pothead culture. </p>

<p>My qualifications (which are very modest, to say the least)
GPA (over 4): 3.8 over the last two semesters. I am doing pretty badly this semester, expecting a 3.4 but will try and improve my GPA next semester so my final average at the end of sophomore year will be at least a 3.6.
Organizations: Student Union; Acapella group, Choir in first semester, Christian fellowship. Debate Union freshman year. Also a student mentor for freshman this year.
Internship experience in consulting firm this summer in NY</p>

<p>I am a Asian Chinese, international student, who does not need any financial aid. Parents are also willing to support me for a additional semester or two if required. (since I am transferring to become a junior). </p>

<p>This is my current list of schools:
U Chicago (top pick)
Yale (I dunno, it's like I'm throwing money at them for no good reason. But then again, we human beings aren't entirely rational, at least in the traditional sense of the word)
Columbia (same as Yale)
Swarthmore College
Amherst College
Cornell (?????)</p>

<p>I am restricting my search to top 30 USNWR universities and top 20 LACs. End of story. I need some recognition back in my country too you know.</p>

<p>BTW, if you need to be blunt about something, please be.</p>

<p>Thanks so much!</p>

<p>Swarthmore is the best choice on this list for you. Also look at Carnegie Mellon. Carnegie Mellon is in Pittsburgh and has a great business/econ program</p>

<p>You might also want to post this on the Transfer forum, as posters there are more likely to be able to tell you if your:</p>

list of colleges I am applying to is sufficient, flawed, or otherwise


<p>Thanks guys. I want to double major in philosophy/math or philosophy/econ. So I need colleges and universities good in that. And good in undergrad teaching especially.</p>

10 char</p>

<p>bump. any other kind people willing to help?</p>