Need help searching for sites

<p>Is there any good sites that contain academic journals on eviromental issues such as global warming? I'm tired of just googling for things. Any help would be appreciated.</p>

<p>use your university library's website. there, you will probably be able to search for many peer-review journals your school has access to.</p>

<p>you can find something about it on earth & sky web.</p>

<p>google scholar</p>


<p>also your school library should have access to tons of journals, some that cover only environmental topics.</p>

<p>JSTOR. Google it.</p>

<p>Bump..I like to know as well for my environmental project . I am not yet in college so no access to any university's library websites.
Yeah, Google comes up too much unrelated stuff.</p>

<p>Many high school libraries subscribe to databases as well...</p>