need help to decide please!

<p>I am a Soph attending one of the top california public HS in the Bay Area and need hlep decideing which math route should I take in Junior.
My fro year, all B's in Eng, H Alg1/Geo, and H Bio. This year, I have two C's, in H Alg2/Tri and H Chem and A's in Eng and US history. I am considering taking Pre Cal in Junior, but, should I take the regular instead of the H Precal? Would it hurt my profile in college admission if I take reg. math during Junior? I will be taking AP Bio, AP USH, and AP Psyc next year. and this May, I plan to take AP Econ test ( took it at Berk ATDP last summer) and AP HG test ( self-study) . I am really confused, please help.
( I am not going to any major related to Math, by the way).</p>

<p>I would change your study habits or whatever is holding you back in math and stay on the Honors track.</p>

<p>Does getting a B or C in Honor really better than getting an A in regular?
My parents just do not like to see any C in my report card..</p>

<p>It depends on what kind of college you want to attend. Some colleges accept GPAs with Cs in them and some don't.
The math track depends on your major. If you will not major in something where you need calculus, the math track is not as important.
Colleges want to see a balance of rigor and grades.
Something that can hold you back is your writing skills. You have numerous grammar, spelling, and usage mistakes in your post. Work on that.</p>