Need Help w/ Recruiting~!!!

<p>I'm a junior in highschool looking to play football at some D-III schools. My team was 10-1 this season in a very competitive league. A large part of our success, however, was that we started 21 seniors... Although i was second on the team out of juniors for tackles, and played a descent amount of offense in a backup role(the starteer is going to Michigan to play), I don't know how great my tape will look with a vast majority of my tackles coming either at the end of the game or on special teams. I will definitely be starting both ways next year the problem is I don't want to fall behind in the game because of a weak tape. Should I send my tape regardless? Will i lose/not gain any interest because of my junior tape? If I am applying to schools where I need the coach to have some pull to get me in, will the coaches be unable to help me if I only send senior tape?</p>

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<p>anyone? anyone?</p>

<p>Don't send an unsolicited tape. First contact the coaches at schools that interest you and start a dialogue. Impressive physical stats (height, weight, squat, bench) can make up for the lack of a good tape for a lineman</p>