Need Help With A Decision! LMU v Claremont College

<p>I've recently been accepted to Loyola Marymount University and Pitzer College, both in California. Money is not an issue, location is not an issue. I am planning to major in business while also getting involved with cinematic arts, and I'm not sure which school to choose. LMU is a great school and somewhat selective with a great program for film and television, but Pitzer is not an easy school to get into and had a 13% acceptance rate this year, but does not have as prominent film or television program. LMU seems like it would help my career in film in business more, but should I pass up an opportunity like Pitzer? (It's a Claremont College) </p>

<p>Do you want to major in business <em>or</em> film? Then LMU would probably be better. But if you could do Economics with math, you’d have a more “practical” major and Pitzer would offer you the opportunities of the Claremonts without sacrificing your goals - look at these two majors, which you could combine…
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<p>LMU may give you a better start in film as Claremont is somewhat isolated. However, for all other factors (lifestyle etc.) I would say Pitzer. Have you visited?</p>

<p>Very different lifestyles.
Pitzer is a traditional Liberal Arts College, while the LMU feels more pre professional.
Have you visited?</p>