Need help with college choice U of I Springfield

<p>My son would like to become a doctor some day, we are considering a few different colleges for him.
We are considering University of Illinois Springfield, mostly due to cost and fairly new facilities.
The question is allthough they have a pre med program, We are wondering if this school will prepare him for the Mcat as well as some of our other state schools.</p>

<p>any comments on U Of I Springfield would be a help.</p>


<p>Maybe the lack of comments tells me something.</p>

<p>Are you an Illinois resident? Why else would you be considering U of I Springfield? Why not just consider U of I Champaign-Urbana?</p>

<p>U of I champaign no merit aid. COA $30,000 instate</p>

<p>By The way, why would anyone choose University of Illinois Chicago-UIC, Over U Of I champaign? What about Springfield?</p>

<p>Most kids don't choose UIC over UIUC. The only ones that I have seen that do are because they wanted to live in a big city or got into a special program like GPPA.</p>

By The way, why would anyone choose University of Illinois Chicago-UIC, Over U Of I champaign? What about Springfield?


<p>UIC attracts a lot of commuter students, a lot of first-gen college students who are living with their parents or who have parents who culturally don't want them to go far from home, and for those kids who know that they want to stay in Chicago the rest of their lives and make a living esp in the medical assistant / technology areas, it's a decent enough choice.</p>

<p>Is U of I Springfield what used to be called Sangamon State U?</p>

<p>Yeah, UIS used to be Sangamon State.</p>

<p>My Dad is from Springfield, and is in love with the school. To be honest I don't know much about the school, but if a student is motivated they can do anything at any school. If cost is a big issue, then maybe you will have to settle for UIS.</p>

<p>I really don't know that much about the state. It supposedly has a liberal arts orientation. The U of I tries to orient each of its campuses: Chicago-health care/urban focus/research, Springfield-small LAC, Urbana-Champaign-traditional campus/engineering/research. You just don't hear much about the place.</p>