Need Help With Graduation Gift Ideas for Daughter

<p>Need some ideas for a nice graduation gift for my daughter- she already has a laptop for college- any great ideas out there?</p>

<p>Money? Im not sure if you like the idea.</p>

<p>A nice piece of luggage for traveling back and forth during school. Vera Bradley seems to be popular here with the girls. They have bags that are just the right size for a week or long weekend home.</p>

<p>I'm starting to think about ideas for my son's graduation too, and like you, son already has a laptop. I haven't made up my mind yet, but here's what I've thought of: good quality printer/fax, luggage (something like REI quality roller duffle type that would be appropriate later on for an abroad program), money, "school spirit" t-shirts, mug, itunes cards, books about surviving the first year of college, etc (small gifts to throw in).</p>

<p>Money. She doesn't know what she will want or need that doesn't fit into her budget, but there will surely be something.</p>

<p>This idea is not looked on with favor by most of the citizens of CC, but I'll toss it out anyway, on the offchance it's the "just right" gift for you that it was for us. </p>

<p>We got our D a class ring for graduation. She had been wanting one since she was a freshman, and two years after receiving it, still wears it daily. I think she mostly values it for the IB insignia, which cost her so much blood sweat and tears, and of which she is justifiably proud.</p>

<p>But YMMV. :) And it's true that you can't go wrong with a cash gift, or a gift card for Bed Bath & Beyond.</p>

<p>We're giving our D a very expensive high school graduation gift ---college and everything she will need to attend.</p>

<p>teachandmom- LOL me too! </p>

<p>I know I can always give money- and I might end up doing that -- but I thought something tangible (not necessarily expensive) would be nice to mark the occasion!</p>

<p>A watch with the date engraved on the back? A pendant or charm for a grad (tassel or grad cap)?</p>

<p>We are giving a very nice watch with a message engraved on the back.</p>

<p>A trip, perhaps with a friend or family. I intend to take my d to Rome, Florence and Venice for a total of 10 days.</p>

<p>I would second a piece of jewelry. Girls this age love David Yurman and Pandora. Vera Bradley luggage is also a good idea. Our D got a laptop from my parents and asked for cash from us so she could buy dorm stuff. We got her VB luggage as well. My husband's parents bought her Yurman jewelry.</p>

<p>When I graduated, my parents got me a Tiffany toggle bracelet with a heart charm, and had my initials engraved in the heart; I've seen other girls with simple Tiffany jewelry (silver chain with charm necklace, different bracelet) that came as a graduation present as well. A little expensive (although not as expensive as David Yurman pieces), but the silver look is classy and timeless and you can never underestimate the impact of the Tiffany blue box on an 18 year old girl... :)</p>

<p>We got our D a really nice camera. She recently showed an interest in photography so we bought her one with zoom capabilty as well as video. She loved it and has been using it already.</p>

<p>jkiwmom --</p>

<p>Before buying a nice printer/fax, I would consider the facilities available at college. Feedback is definitely mixed on whether kids who take printers ever even use them.</p>

<p>At many colleges, a printer is helpful. But it only makes sense if you live near enough to college to move things back and forth. In our case, DS went to college 2000 miles (and an airplane ride) from home, so extra equipment would be a real burden. Luckily the roommate's mom was sweet and agreed to a deal where they bought the printer, and DS bought the print cartridges and paper.</p>

<p>I would get a car if i were you. But nothing cheap. Anything over $40,000 says "I love you from the bottom of my heart". If you get something cheap she will remember that forever.</p>

<p>I waited until D1 started college in the fall, and got her some gift certificates from various places in her college town I thought she would enjoy.</p>