Need help with High school courses

Hi I am going to be a High school freshmen next year and I wanted to ask a few questions.

  1. For Math I will be taking geometry since there is no geometry honors
  2. For science I will be taking living environment honors
  3. I will be taking Spanish
  4. Chorus and Phys Ed (required)
  5. ELA (no honors ELA in ninth grade)
  6. I was wondering can I take two electives which are science research and English scholars program since both meet every other day and I think I will be able to fit both on my scheduele?
  7. I am not 100% sure about social studies yet it’s either I take global history or world history or ap human geography. I am more keen towards ap human geography since I like challenging courses plus many ninth graders don’t take ap and it would look good on your transcript. If I do take ap human geography this year? What social studies class would I take next year

only 2 of them are questions but for #6 you should ask your counsellor about that. they dont seem to be difficult courses.
If you take ap human geo. next year you might take apush or ap gov.