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<p>I am supposed to find data from real-life situation that can be modeled sinusoidally (the graph would look like sine, cos, csc, sec, tan, or cot. What kind of data should I get? Please also be specific....</p>

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<p>Bipolar mood swings are sinusoidal. </p>

<p>Perhaps you can show the differences between the various bipolar types of disorders?</p>

<p>Bipolar I
Bipolar II
Bipolar III (Cyclothymia)
Bipolar IV
Bipolar V </p>

<p>I believe there are 5. Bipolar I is the most severe. </p>

<p>The mood swings in the various bipolar disorders are in order (I -> V) on their severity. The range is from mania to hypomania to mild depression to severe depression. Cyclothymia has a shorter period than Bipolars I & II. For instance, it cycles every 4 days - 1 week where the top bipolars cycle every couple of months. As for the lower bipolars, (IV and V), ... well, I'm going to find the information in a second and I'll post again.</p>

<p>Thank you so much for your help...however......what DATA should I get..because I have to be able to GRAPH it using POINTS and DATA....</p>


<p>I'm sorry. I wasn't quite sure. Can't you use days and months as the x-axis and show the different shifts using the mania -> depression range on the y-axis?</p>

<p>Oh well. If that doesn't work, can't you do something on the tides?</p>

<p>do your own research</p>

<p>Crayon, don't help the lazy</p>

<p>lunar/tidal cycles</p>

<p>The data you collect should be time and 'measure' - for example, for tides, you would probably use time of day and height of tide. You may need to 'recenter' the data to make the sinsoid more obvious - so ,again ,using tides, you would want to label the midpoint of the tide as zero, then meaure in some unit (probably feet and inches or meters) how high above mid-tide or below mid-tide the water was at a given point in time. Are you supposed to collect the data by observation or merely gather it?</p>