Need Help with my Letters of Recommendation

<p>I'm a senior applying to the top schools in the United States, including MIT, Stanford, and Cornell, and I'm having trouble knowing which letters of recommendation to send. I plan on majoring in Computer Engineering and minoring in Economics. </p>

<p>In my junior year, I asked three of my Junior year teachers to write letters for me: my AP Econ teacher, my AP Statistics teacher, and my AP Lang teacher. However, after seeing how my friends are asking teachers for recommendations, I'm having a lot of second thoughts about sending 3 letters of recommendation. And to make things more complicated, my AP BC Calculus teacher told me today that she would be willing to write me a letter of recommendation as well. </p>

<p>Here is a brief overview of my relationship with all 4 of these teachers and my performance in their classes:</p>

<p>Note: my school has a 2 semester grading system, with 2 quarters for each quarter. </p>

<p>AP Lang (same teacher both semesters):
Very High Grades - I earned over 94 each quarter, and averaged a 95 on all of my out of class essays. Got A's both semesters and all 4 quarters.
Important Factor(s) - I'm really good friends with my Lang teacher (we talk often about politics, writing, etc.) and he thinks highly of me.
Overall - I did the best in this class out of all the other 4. I feel like have a better relationship w/ my Lang teacher than with any of my other teachers. </p>

<p>AP Econ (same teacher both semesters):
Pretty High Grades - Earned 96's and 92's. My grades were not as high as they were in Lang, but were still pretty good. Got A's both semesters and all 4 quarters.
Important Factor(s) - I'm the president of my school's econ club, and my econ teacher is the sponsor of it. In addition, I competed in a number of economics competitions last year, and my econ teacher sponsored all of them.<br>
Overall - I have a lot of Econ related EC's and awards, so I think my Econ teacher is an important person to get a rec from. I did better in Econ that Stat or BC, but not as well as in Lang. </p>

<p>AP Stat (same teacher both semesters):
Pretty good grades - I got and A both semesters, but I got a B third quarter (and A's for all the other quarters)
Important Factor(s) - I have a good relationship with my AP Statistics teacher, but not as good as with my Lang or Econ teachers.
Overall - I'm reluctant to send my Stat teacher's rec because Stat is an elective. I'm afraid that a rec from a Stat teacher will look worse than a rec from a BC Calculus teacher (as BC Calculus is a core class). </p>

<p>AP BC Calculus (had this teacher 1st semester, and again for Multivariable-Calculus this year)
Alright grades - Got an A the semester that I was with this teacher, but only earned 91's.
Important Factors(s) - This teacher runs math team, which I am part of. Plus, she teaches BC Calculus, a core class.
Overall - I want to send this rec over my Stats rec because Stats is an elective class. </p>

<p>My Lang, Stat, and Econ teachers have already written their recs. My BC Calc teacher can write a rec in the next two weeks, so I'll be able to have my letters done before the deadlines. </p>

<p>Which two do you think I should choose (1 math and 1 humanities)?</p>

<p>I would pick the two teachers who know you best and are most likely to present you in a flattering way to the admissions committees. It doesn't matter what you plan to major in - students change their majors all the time and admin committees know it. It matters that the teachers can say 'this is the best student I've had in x years of teaching' because he/she is so (adjective, adjective and adjective) - and here's an illustrative example or two. Your AP Lang teacher sounds like someone who could do that. You decide which of the other 3 is most likely to present you in the most flattering light.</p>

<p>Thanks M's Mom. Any one else have suggestions?</p>

<p>I would say AP Lang and your Econ teacher. AP Lang clearly could praise you very highly on a personal level and not just academically, which is vital. And Econ fits in with your ECs and goals.</p>