Need help with NYU Liberal Studies Program


<p>Happy holiday everyone! I am an international student from China. First thank all the warm hearted guys in CC, all of your advice and suggestions have been very very helpful to me, Thank you for guiding me on the road to college!</p>

<p>I got admitted into the Liberal Studies Program in NYU in ED, I knew that is a second rate program. And need to spend the first year abroad then come back to NY in the second year and transfer to the College of arts and science in Junior year. But I think there are many risks in this process, and not sure what will happen after I complete the two-year LSP study. And worry about how my diploma will look like after graduation and my isolation from the other directly-admitted NYU student body. I am going to major in international relations and my parents say that some time in the future I will have to go to NYC to pursue my career. So NYU still seem like a good choice. So I am very confused now.</p>

<p>I wish some friends who have attended this program or some people who know well about this program can give me some advice. Should I decline the offer of NYU LSP? I have to make the decision by Jan.15.2012.</p>

<p>I am also admitted by the UIUC in EA and the major is Political Science, and I am worry about the liberal arts in UIUC cause they may not be as strong as Engineering and Acounting in UIUC. </p>

<p>PS: the admission letter from NYU did not say that I am rejected by College of Arts and Sciences, they say that "in addition to considering you for the admission of CAS, we also consider you for admission in LSP, and we concluded that LSP is best for you to pursue your liberal arts bachelor" Does that mean I still have hope for CAS in NYU?</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>Hi Angeli,
I wanted to share this excerpt with you. It’s from the now defunct LSP Admissions Forum on the NYU Admissions website. "We select about 10% of the applicants to New York University for this program. We select students for Liberal Studies that have not been offered admission to their first choice school (predominantly due to our highly selective admissions process), but whom we believe to be excellent matches for NYU. They are typically liberal arts-minded, academically competitive, and independent thinkers.”</p>

<p>In 2008, my oldest child, a top student in her school (was 16/500, 3.8 GPA in HS, 6 APs, all honors, avg SATS for CAS), was deferred from CAS to LSP. Initially she was quite upset like you. After much deliberation, she decided to accept the LSP invitation as NYU was her top choice. She hasn't had any qualms since about recommending LSP. LSP was a means to an end. Now no one knows that she was in LSP and no one cares. You will not be isolated from the rest of NYU. Your roommates and residence hall neighbors will be from all of the undergraduate schools of NYU. The students in your elective classes will also be from other schools. </p>

<p>It's not a second rate program at all. The classes are smaller than typical NYU freshman classes but that's a positive, not a negative. In most of the LSP classes, the professors will know their students by name - that's not going to happen in a large lecture class. Most of the MAP requirements will be fulfilled by the time you enter CAS.</p>

<p>If you decide to attend NYU, you can send NYU Admissions an email stating that you would love to start your first year in NY rather than at an international site. You never know, there may be openings in NY.
Here is the link to the LSP Frequently Asked Questions.
NYU</a> > A & S > Frequently Asked Questions</p>

<p>Congratulations and best of luck with your decision!</p>