Need help with resume


<p>I don't have much experience writing resumes. The one I am working on is actually my first. Should I include summer jobs, i.e. working at the grocery store/library, etc.? I don't have much experience to tell the truth. The only experience I actually have is with those mundane jobs.</p>

<p>And what is a difference between a resume and cover letter? </p>


<p>I did a quick search of other posts to see what age/grade you were in and in typical fashion , got lost for a while. I am a 40-something energy professional, who has has some experience in hiring and resumes... so that is my background see if this helps</p>

At your stage it should be one page (period)
NAME and contact information at the top (also provide permanent (e.g home) contacts as well, sometimes resumes will lay around for a months, someone decides you are perfect-but they cant find you in July ... happens</p>

<p>List An
where you are attedning with time and dates. Major or planned major, etc... I would STORNGLY encourage you to put GPA and major GPA--unless they are really horrible (below a 2.4)</p>

<p>List -best by bullets with a comment or two, A few ECs or specific core project that hightlist your stength. </p>

<p>MY STRONG opinion
LIST YOUR Jobs, unless they were just a week or two.... Shows you know what work is and arent afraid of it...</p>

<p>IF you are more than a year or two out of High School dont mention it. IF it is for some reason you feel the need to list it . One line School; Location; Graduation Date</p>

<p>That is it. Generally a resume who list who you are as noted above. A Cover letter would address the person /company you are sending resume to and why you want that SPECIFIC job</p>

<p>Hope this helps... I havent edited, so we will see what it looks like!</p>

<p>Thanks! That was very helpful.</p>

<p>I got a not very decent GPA (3.17) my first semester. I'm not sure if I should list it, because I know I will be competing mostly with other Yalies for these internships, and the average GPA here is around 3.6 or so I've heard.</p>

<p>Should I put that my major is undeclared? Is that something that will deter potential employers? I'm a freshman looking for a summer internship, btw.</p>

<p>You mentioned that should I feel a need to list my high school, that I should. In what cases should I put? I had a pretty good GPA out of high school (3.9). Should I list that I graduated with that GPA under my education section? Would that raise any questions should I decide NOT to list my college GPA?</p>

<p>Also, I haven't gotten around to that many leadership positions, ECs my first semester. Should I list some ECs/leadership positions that I held in high school?</p>

<p>BTW, should I write a cover letter for each specific internship I apply to? Would that be presumptuous at this stage?</p>


i've been wondering this too</p>

<p>Yes you need a cover letter for each one.</p>

<p>shows a level of professionalism</p>

<p>do it.</p>

<p>Do you guys have any suggestions as what to write about in a cover letter? I'm thinking about applying to a full-time teaching internship this summer, along with maybe some internships at start-up companies and state level officials. Can I just list general qualities, for example, leadership, organizational, etc. skills and then give a few examples? What format would it have to be in?</p>

<p>My cover letters are usually 3 paragraphs. 1st-what position and interests 2nd-qualifications and examples not listed on your resume 3rd-contact details</p>

<p>Agree with all of the above, cover letter... three paragraphs
" I am interested (applying, etc) for a positon as a X at Y
I am willing to put large columns of numbers into your database, and I also hope to gain expereince and insight into the xxxx industry
I am currently at X, but can be reached byphone at 111 or email <a href=""></a>. I </p>

<p>--You all are hotshot college students, you can run with these ideas!!</p>

<p>Oh to some comments above.
Dont heistate to say you are an undecided major at this point. You might mention any course concentration you have.
ECs in first year, also low expecations. Not to worry, but if you can put down. 'Active in Residnece Hall' ... Class work focused in xxx. </p>

<p>Still with the HS, very minimal</p>

<p>Bedrock High School, Rockville, Maine. Graduated May ,2007. Active in the Economics CLub and Debate</p>

<p>It just shouldnt run more than a line or two. A hard truth for everyone. HS is old news after a few monts. You are at Yale, there aren't many of you.. that is a good EC. Enjoy being special</p>

<p>For resume samples go to [url=<a href=""&gt;]Google[/url&lt;/a&gt;] and type "resume filetype:.pdf"</p>

<p>Any details or work related that may help on your applying position you may include. If not you may use this as strength since working at grocery store is not an easy job. This may probe your flexibility and dedication to work. Just make sure use a resume template to make a strong resume and look like a professional one. Having a good resume you are one step ahead with your competitors and have better chance for interview.</p>