Need help with towel warmer choice for bathroom renovation

Help! We are starting our Master Bathroom renovation next week, and I need to pick out our towel warmer. Do any of you have one? Do you like it? More importantly, what brand do you have? Is it a plug in or hardwired? Do you have a timer? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

In the last three houses we’ve installed Amba towel warmers; the model is called Jeeves. It’s hardwired (but I think it can be used with a plug also) and has a wall switch. We don’t use a timer, but you could if you prefer. I would no longer be without them. In our humid climate it often feels as if towels will never dry if put on a standard towel bar after use. We also use them to dry swimsuits after washing them.

I usually spread out my towel for a while right after use, then fold it over the top bar. That frees up space for drying other things. Ours are only turned off when we go out of town (so it’s been a while.)