Need help with what to study and some general questions

<p>Hiya CC,</p>

<p>Well, its summer and I'm going into my junior year and I'm looking to raise my PSAT and SAT scores. Right now I average about 620-680 on each section and usually a 1850-1950 composite. At my disposal I have the blue book, both editions of direct hits, barron's and rocket review.
Where should I begin studying? Should I use the practice tests to learn with immediately or go through the rr, direct hits and bb and then do the practice tests a few weeks before I'm about to take the test.
Also, I'm in calculus get lower scores on math than my friends who are in precal (they get around 700 while I get in the mid 600's), and yes i know that there's almost nothing above algebra 2 on the SAT but I'm pretty talented at math and I don't understand how I'm getting that low (comparatively) on the math section. Could I just be making lots of stupid mistakes or what?
Any help/tips/whatever else on what to study would be greatly appreciated, thanks</p>

<p>In response to your question on math, i know what you mean. The thing with the math section is that it is tricky math, not really higher level math. If you just get to know the concepts, then I think you will do a lot better. The math section is the trickiest section for me, followed by CR.</p>

<p>I would say first to study the concepts in the books, then go at the practice tests because you don't want to waste the invaluable practice the blue book gives you over any other book with practice tests. </p>

<p>As for the PSAT, i think studying for the SAT is definitely enough, as this was my case. I ended up doing very well on the PSAT, as it was easier than the SAT and i already had the concepts ingrained in my brain.</p>