Need ideas for attractive shoe storage for entry (with shoes concealed)

We live at the beach and are a no-shoes-worn-in-the-house household. I have a rubber boot tray that works fine, but it really isn’t large enough, and I feel like our place is too “nice” to walk into it and immediately see a pile of shoes on a boot tray. We are in a condo, so there is no back door alternative. One ingress and egress.

Our entry already contains a nice, Ethan Allen hall tree. It has hooks for hats, towels, etc., a bench to sit on, and two drawers in the bottom. It is directly across from the door, so not next to the door. It is kind of a light cream color, slightly distressed wood. The current tray is immediately to the left of the door and where I want the shoe spot to be.

I’ll never be able to exactly match the hall tree, and I feel like a different material is necessary. Wicker? Rattan? Cane? Not sure.

I really like those round rope baskets, but, again, I don’t like the idea of the shoes being visible. If there is a lid, I would want it to be hinged for easy opening and closing, but maybe that creates a clearance issue and a hinged lid won’t work in the space. I want easy access but the shoes to be hidden. Does that make sense? I don’t want to have to take a lid off and on each time. Maybe a storage ottoman or something? But, beach = sand. We do rinse off before coming off the beach, but it can still be an issue. And, I’m trying to avoid anything that just creates a “pile” of shoes even if it is an attractive container. There are some cool pull front shoe cabinets, but again, matching the other piece in there is not going to be possible.

I don’t want something cheap looking. Ideally, I’d like something that holds 8-12 pairs of shoes. Dh has work shoes, running on the beach shoes, running on the road shoes, flip flops, etc. When folks can come over again, I won’t FORCE them to remove their shoes, but if they are willing, I’d like there to be space for them.

Who has a fab idea for me?? :slight_smile:

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I was just looking for something myself for our back entry. Would something like this work for you?


We had a shoe cabinet like this. Only flats fit into it perfectly; anything with a higher top had to be stuffed in sideways. We got rid of it.

That’s the kind of thing I was seeing and looking at, but that one is so dark. And, a true white is going to clash with the hall tree. I mean, it’s an entry, so it isn’t that large Additionally, it will be in front of a floor to ceiling window, which is also not ideal. I think that was why I started with the tray, but it’s just too messy looking.

That is good to know. Obviously, flip flops are flat, but I bet dh’s running and work shoes are too tall.

Good to know!!

Something like this, perhaps (only available in white at the moment)?

It looks like the front cover rolls down on this:

You could paint them!


Unfortunately most hidden shoe storage furniture seems to be dark wood or white:

Or expensive!


I love the look of that one, but it’s way too wide for our space. :disappointed_relieved:

I can only go to 32” wide.

Love that bench. Thanks!! I might order one.

That’s what I am finding. Dark or stark white (neither will work).

That bench is great, but too wide for the space I have. Plus, my hall tree already has a bench with it.

I may have to go for some sort of wicker chest and be satisfied with everything being in a pile. I could just make dh carry his work shoes from our bedroom to the door. Those are the only ones that would be negatively impacted by being in a pile.
Would this be too tall?


how about going with wicker/rattan for the beachy feel -

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David Marsh furniture is really funky and different. We have several pieces we bought years ago. I use several of his entry tables and benches and lower tables for different uses.

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Oooh, oooh, got it! Find a wicker or whatever chest that fits this inside:


Or, is this what we want to match?

If so…

it’s 31.73" wide!


Pottery Barn has a selection of baskets with lids, that’s what I would do.

I live in an area where our soil is very sandy. I cannot get away from the sand, it seems to be everywhere. So anything I get for our shoes has sand. Right now I have an ugly boot mat but it’s also cold here so stuff is wet and sandy.

I would get a basket, put shoes in there. When company comes over, I would put a mat down for them and carry my basket into my bedroom.

It wouldn’t matter what I had though, my husband would pile his shoes next to the hall tree. And complain he couldn’t find them in the basket! Or storage container!


IKEA has a lot of shoe cabinets similar to above and I think most come white or black.
I have the inexpensive TRONES one (like 25 bucks for two pieces) but use it for things other than shoes. It might work for you even if white because it comes as two separate units which can stack or used individually. Each unit is only 20 inches wide, 16 inches tall and 6 wide which makes it very easy to put next to a wall and not impact the space.

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It may be too white, but could always be spray painted.

No, it would not. That’s nice!