Need info on graduate classes at IIT

My son is planning to apply for the Master of Information Technology and Management full time program Are all (or most) graduate classes in this program “evenings only”? The website says that they try to offer as many during the day as possible, which could mean anything from a few to a lot. Most of the faculty is listed as "industry’ professors which means they all work in their respective fields during the day. Thanks.

I can’t tell you offhand but many of the courses are also available online through lecture capture.

Is there a way to look up the current or a past class schedule?

Yes, this can be done at the following URL

Thank you. That was very helpful. Another question. Can IIT graduate students audit courses in other departments? For example my son plans to enroll in the Information Technology Management program, but would like to take a few selected courses in other departments (Industrial Engineering, Industrial technology etc) just to learn the subject.

It is possible with the consent of the instructor. Officially, auditing is not allowed as far as I can tell.