need lots of opinions please

I have a 3.4 gap but have a 33 ACT. This is a huge disparity between my GPA and ACT and I’m worried that schools won’t take me as seriously. I want to go to a business school but schools on my list include: USC, NYU, Wisconsin, BU, Northeastern, Bentley, UCONN, Syracuse, Richmond, UF, Miami and Tulane. What are my chances to get into these business schools and please don’t hesitate to comment or add to the list. Thanks so much!

That’s a lot of schools! Try doing a google search on “USC Freshman Profile” or “UF Freshman Profile” and you’re likely get the stats of admitted and/or enrolled students. USC for example, admitted students had an average GPA of 3.82 (enrolled students was 3.73), so it looks like a reach.

Good Luck!

You’re right there for Syracuse, Bentley, UCONN. Some of the others are a bit of reaches.
Would you chance me?

To the above poster, don’t ask someone to chance you unless you give them a thoughtful response. That is just discourteous. Anyways for the schools, I agree with @soze

@soze thanks so much! Does it help me if I’m the president and founder of a club at my school?

I already replied to your other post. You don’t need to run multiple threads.