Need more practice critical reading passages!!

<p>I need more practice passages. Where can I get more? I have already completed the barron's critical reading workbook, and it wasn't satisfactory. There were too few practices in barron's workbook. Which workbook can I get that has TONS and TONS of good reading passages for the SAT? Thank you for you reply</p>

<p>Blue book.</p>

<p>The Princeton Review 11 practice tests book. It has loads of passages and questions.</p>

<p>The problem is I finished both the blue book and the princeton review 11 tests, along with the kaplan 12 tests. I would appreciate it if you recommend me a book that only gives CR practices, instead of practice test for all sections, because I only need to practice my CR.</p>

<p>Hey MasterJan, what did you think about Kaplan's 12 tests book? Are the tests accurate? </p>

<p>You could try CB's online course, by the way. It has more than 30 CR sections. It costs $70 but I THINK you get can get it for $60 if you sign up on CB's website.</p>


<p>There is currently a listing on eBay that is listed as $10.</p>

<p>try BARRON'S 2400+23rd ed.</p>

<p>Peterson's Critical Reading for the SAT? or McGraw Hill's Critical Reading book?</p>

<p>There are more than 150 different books for preparing to the SAT. But I figured :
Must have:
BARRON'S SAT 23rd edition
BARRON'S CR/Math/WR Workbook
Official SAT Study Guide(BB)
The official online course
Direct Hits 1 and 2</p>


<p>Of course tastes are different, but I choose that combination.It's more effective than others, as I think.</p>

<p>^ Do not believe in what Suleyman95 says; he has hardly any profound information about the SAT. He is known to add spurious comments that Barron's is useful. Barron's is NOT useful, as a matter of fact, and is not representative of the difficulty of the SAT.</p>

<p>Barron's is harder than real test, BUT if you can solve BARRON'S on the real test it will be easy to get high score. "To make something easy you must made something hard" -Russian ancient wise.</p>

<p>^ behold!!! The ancient wise has spoken</p>

<p>^ Let's not be sarcastic, but realistic. Face it: Barron's sucks for the SAT.</p>

<p>I disagree. It's my opinion, maybe I'm wrong, but my choice is BARRON'S, especially 23rd edition's math is cool.I printed it all.</p>