need one complete reach duke the one? ED chances

<p>ok guys so the colleges I am applying to are: George Mason, Virginia Tech, VCU, U Pitt, and I want to apply to one school where its a complete reach for me. soo is duke the one? </p>

<p>UW: 3.57
W: 4.0
* note about GPA: my grades have had a significant upward trend:
W GPA's- 9th: 3.6 10th: 4.2 (w/ 2 ap's) 11th: 4.3 (with 4 ap's)</p>

<h1>of Ap's: 6 (signed up for 5 more senior year), this is one of the more challenging courses</h1>

<p>ACT: 33
SAT US History: 780
SAT Math Level 2: 770
SAT Biology: 780
Significant EC's + Awards:
Founder and President of the History Honor Society
Founder of an organization in India that allows underprivalged kids to play sports and video games and to read for free.
Member of NHS, Math Honor Society, and Science Honor Society
3rd Place Regional Science Fair
Internship with NASA (VASTS program)
2 month research in India in microbiology
Founder of an organization in India that allows unprivaleged kids to play sports and video games and read for fun. and its free.
Lots of hours community service</p>

<p>also senior year schedule: ap lit, ap comparative, ap bio, ap physics, human anatomy, ap calc ab, engineering physics 2 </p>

<p>btw will be applying to college of arts and sciences</p>

<p>sorry for typing the founder think twice.</p>

<p>The GPA hurts, even though obviously you're smart and have good EC's. You might have a shot at ED, though I wouldn't say you're chances are that great.</p>

<p>thnx deter. do you think taking other subject tests would improve me chances?</p>

<p>Not really; more IIs beyond what the college requires don't help out your chances much</p>