Need opinions on loyola

I’m a psych major in community college and I’m looking at DePaul, Marquette, Purdue, and Loyola. There are things I like and dislike about all 4 schools so please share your opinions with me! Academics, social life, anything!!

Hoping to get this thread moving a bit. My S is a high school senior, also interested in Psychology, and strongly considering Loyola. He likes the city location, the campus, the fact that is a Jesuit school, diverse student body, opportunities for activities and internships in Chicago, and I believe there are many 5 year Masters programs. We have met with an acquaintance who is a student and is very happy there, she is a strong academic student and is challenged and having a great time. Plenty of things to do, but it is not known as a party school. Many kids go to the nearby campuses for parties instead.

Hope others chime in!

Current Loyola student, I can say that Loyola may not seem like a party school, but that is mostly because a good number of students here don’t party as much as they do at most schools. But, if you do party, there are definitely parties to find on campus on the weekends. Also, do not know too many people that go to other school’s parties

@LUCRambler22 Loyola is one of the four schools my son is considering (others are UCBerkley, UCLA and Purdue). Can you give me your feedback on top things you like and don’t like?

A top thing that I like is that there is literally always something to do on the weekends. Even if you just go walk around downtown with friends It is still a fun outing. Also, love the nightlife in Chicago and at Loyola (the nightlife is especially something great about Chicago compared to other places). The food is also a good balance of cheap college fast food and nicer restaurants around campus. Really the only thing that I guess I dislike is the weather staying so cold for so long. Honestly love pretty much everything about Loyola.

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