Need Opinions

<p>Here we go, first post and hopefully I can receive some feedback on our situation. Any and all feedback is welcome. My D, currently a high school Senior, applied to three schools for Pre Pharmacy. She has been accepted to each of the three into their PrePharm and Honors Colleges. She has been awarded Merit Scholarships to two still do not know about the third. Here they are:</p>

<li>West Virginia University - Honors College - Merit Scholarship of $48,000 for four years,</li>
<li>University of Pittsburgh Main - Honors College - Merit Scholarships to yet be determined,</li>
<li>University of Connecticut - Storrs - Honors College Merit Scholarship of $46,000 for four years.</li>

<p>We will make it happen to afford any of the three schools. Which would you choose and why? We believe that UConn provides the best option to make it into their Pharmacy program since they only accept kids from the New England consortium of schools while WVU gives preference to its instate kids and accepts applicants from all over. Pitt already has given up half of its pharmacy class to conditional admits out of high school. (My kid did not get the conditional admit due to her ACT math score being 1 point too low). </p>

<p>Thanks for any input!!</p>

<p>My D is a pre-pharm and we made this decision last year, so familiar territory! She chose the school that she felt had the best program, reputation, and fit for her that would also provide a conditional guarantee (preferably with no PCAT requirement) and that she would be happy/have choices at if she decided at some point that pharmacy was NOT her calling! In the end, she also chose UB because it was very affordable, close enough to home to allow visits when she needs to get away (3.5 hours) and had a pre-requisite list that will allow her to apply to many other pharmacy schools if she decides to go elsewhere for her PharmD. She was told by several deans of other schools to give serious weight to offers with strong conditional guarantees. She didn't choose the schools with the strongest guarantees (0-6) because she just didn't feel they were a good fit for her.</p>

<p>Is it important to her to have a guarantee of some sort in place going it? With pharmacy school admissions getting so competitive, would it be possible for her to add another school with a conditional guarantee to her list? These are all good schools but I would take the school that is comfortable for her and offers a guarantee above those who don't. If she has time to send in another app, I would recommend UB because they are affordable and offer scholarships to OOS students, have an outstanding reputation in the field, give all pre-pharms conditional guarantees, have a 3-year option, and do not have a preference for instate students for pharmacy admissions. You can PM me if you'd like more info.</p>

<p>Hope this was helpful...good luck!</p>

<p>Well, a few years later. My DD was just informed today that she was accepted into the UCONN School of Pharmacy for this Fall!! Anyone with any questions on what was done to lay the ground work for this, PM me and I will gladly share our experience.</p>


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