Need really really fast help!

<p>okay i JUST got the stupid post card, and it says that penn hasn’t received my counselor recommendation and my high school transcript! weird… i just logged onto my account, and went to the recommendation providers, and it says next to my counselors name that she did submit it… is something wrong here!? do counselors have different recommendations or something? how did you guys do the counselor recommendations? and also, the post card is dated the 23rd! and i just got it! meaning that i have to turn it in VERY VERY quickly!
okay thanks for the quick help…</p>

<p>go to your school tomorrow....and fax everything</p>

<p>is the counselor recommendation the secondary school report?</p>

<p>Yes, it's included in that. You could try to call them first - it could be a mistake. Or maybe the postcard and the counselor envelope crossed in the mail.</p>