Need safety + match schools


I’m a sophomore, and I know a lot of things could change between now and junior year. However, I would like a list of safety/match schools. I’m planning to apply to Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, U of M, UCLA, and UC Berkeley, but I think those are all reaches.

My GPA is a 3.9 UW and a 4.014 W (my freshman year was below my usual performance level). By this year it should be much higher because I’m in IB Diploma and almost all my classes offer additional weight. I got a 1390 on the PSAT, and with practice I think I can get my SAT score in the 1500s by October (new SAT, not the old one). I took the AP European History test and got a 3.

I plan to major in something Biology related (possibly with a focus on DNA?) and definitely minor in Creative Writing. Although I’m going to be on the premed track, and I’ve heard most people drop a minor because of the difficulty.


Euro Challenge, Captain: 9, 10, (plan to move on to the higher level, Fed Challenge for 11th and 12th grade.)
-This is basically like Model UN except it focuses only on Europe.

Environmental Club: 10, 11 (President and Founder, started initiative to get compost piles in our school. By this year we should actually have compost piles.)

Math Club: 11,12 (President and Founder. Okay, this was a joke in 10th grade, so I’m not going to say I was part of it in 10th. Just in general, my attempts to start up science related clubs fail due to a lack of interest.)

Science Olympiad 10, 11, 12 (Not sure whether I’ll include this in the college app because only me and a friend participate, making it impossible for our school to place. However, I continue to do it because the competition is really fun. Also, will colleges know if there’s no leadership positions offered in a club?)

Science Quiz Bowl 11, 12 (By the time I realized my school had this, it was too late to join.)

Book Club 10, 11, 12 (I’m only in this club for fun, I probably won’t include it in my application.)

Wattpad (A long time, but I made a new account in 9th grade. Not sure if this counts as an activity, especially because I lost all my following when I switched accounts.)

Also, I did minimal extracurriculars in ninth grade due to my mom’s knee replacement. She was unable to drop me off.

I’m in the process of publishing a novel (would’ve done this earlier, but it’s REALLY difficult to find people to edit your writing for free). I’m going try for a Scholastic Art and Writing Award, participate in Waksman PACS, and maybe publish an article in NHSJS (not sure if I’ll be able to find time to actually write the article).

9th Grade:
-Lake Superior State University Biomedical Camp

10th Grade:
-Central Michigan University Camp Med (there is virtually NO information on this camp on the Internet because it’s so new and focuses only on schools near the area, so not sure whether I should include it in my application)

11th Grade:
-Covenant Hospital Volunteer Program (I’ve been wanting to do this for SO LONG. But you have to be 16.)

-I’m planning to apply to some prestigious research camps. I’ve been interested in research since 6th grade, but for all the ones I wanted to apply to, you have to be 16.

Sorry if this was a little lengthy. I’m new, and I was kind of confused on how to organize it.

But thanks for reading!

To get any useful input from this forum, you need to give more info on what you’re looking for…

Understand you want Bio - pre-med - creative writing. good.

Do you prefer urban or suburban or country or no preference? East coast,west, or no pref?

Private or Public or no pref? Large student body or small?

Is $$ an issue?

Your reaches are fantastic schools, but reaches for everyone.

I’ll suggest University of Rochester – great medical program yet also strong in humanities. Two of my kids go (went) there and had a wonderful experience. Check out their REMS program – BS + automatic admission MD program.

I will also add that Yale is way preferable to Harvard! :slight_smile: Princeton, Stanford are good too.

Good luck.

Thank you!

I have no preference. I don’t really mind a larger student body, but in terms of having better relationships w professors I would prefer a smaller student body.

For the time being, money isn’t an issue.

I will check it out!

Really? I heard that in Princeton, people generally tend to have two skills (like great at science and an amazing dancer), so I was interested in that.


@cliffnotes Chill out a little bit. Enjoy your high school experience and no need to start stressing this early

Hi! While your drive and ambition are admirable there are just too many unknowns to forecast out college decisions. Focus on and enjoy the incredible opportunities you have right now. Come back in the second half of junior year with firm scores and maybe some college visits under your belt. FYI my D earned several gold and silver keys from both regional and national Scholastic art competitions but her top choices just didn’t seem impressed. She still treasures the recognition though and I’m so proud of her.

@kassh4 Thanks, I will!

@Oregon2016 Okay, thank you! I’m kind of just doing Scholastic writing because I need to do something useful with what I’ve written in hopes of getting money.

The UC’s are full fee to nonresident students. That means that your parents would have to shell out $55K per year for four years. There is no financial aid in the form of scholarships/grants to cover those costs.

If you need something to do, check out the Net Price Calculators at each of the schools you hope to apply to. You need your parents income information. Each college has its own NPC and can estimate your total costs for attending. Use it so that you and your parents wont be shocked by how much it REALLY costs now to attend college.

For suggestions you can search for a USA Today article, “The 10 Best American Colleges for Writers” (USA Today) and “The Experts’ Choice: Colleges with Great Pre-med Programs.”

John Hopkins, Emory University, and Brown University have incredible pre-med programs. @cliff if you want help editing your novel, you can PM me, I wouldn’t mind edoting for you (I already do so for two kids at my school).

@“aunt bea”

  1. I like UCLA, and I’m applying because they have great biological sciences programs. But if my parents can’t afford it, I’ll be perfectly fine with not attending. I’m fairly certain I can get into Central Michigan University with significant merit aid, and me and my parents have already discussed the affordability of U of M.

  2. You misunderstood what I said. It’s not like I think I’m going to get enough money from Scholastic Arts and Writing to pay off college debt (I may not even place, lol). I love writing, and it’s excellent chance to showcase my skills.

@merc81 thank you!