Need Schedule Help..important

<p>Okay, so in my school I get 3 electives ( classes I can choose )</p>

<p>I already have debate.</p>

<p>Now here comes the problem. I want to take as my other 2, AP bio and AP Psych. However, i dont know if it would be better to continue Spanish and do Spanish 4.</p>

<p>So its either Spanish 4</p>


<p>More AP's high class rank</p>

<p>ohhh i forgot to say..i really dislike spanish, and wouldn't do AP spanish.</p>

<p>i would choose whichever subjects intrest you more. if you're not going to like the class, y take it?</p>

<p>If you dislike Spanish, why take it? I say go with the APs.</p>

<p>If it helps, I'm dropping Spanish senior year.</p>

<p>^ same..</p>

<p>My original goal was to take AP senior year but I lost focus this year and I haven't put much effort into Spanish (4)</p>

<p>I'm trying to get all of my language requirement out of the way before junior year so I won't be overloaded.</p>

<p>yeahhh, the language requirement is 2 years, whch i've already exceeded becuase im in spanish 3. i was just wondering if likee some colleges prefer a fourth year in a language.</p>

<p>They could care less about that 4th year.</p>

<p>okkk. cuz i was on penn's website and for language it says preferably 4 years so i just like was wondering. haha thanks.</p>