Need shopping help - Small Truck

<p>We've decided to replace DH's car early (we normally drive them until they die) to let DS2 have a car to drive himself to/from school this year. DH says he wants a truck. Not a giant one, but it has to seat 4 in the cab and have a hard cover over the bed for transporting equipment for his job (equipment in cases - not gigantic, around golf-club sized boxes).</p>

<p>We have only purchased Toyota & Honda cars in the past, so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. We don't know where to start and if procrastination was a country DH would be its king, so I need to have some research ready to help him.</p>

<p>It sounds that a Toyota Tacoma Double Cab will fit your bill. Every Tacoma owner I know is very happy about their truck (SIL has one, too). You can install a bed cover separately.</p>

<p>Remember the gas mileage. The money you save on a truck may be spent on gas. The ride will also be a lot rougher. Consider a minivan or SUV instead. A minivan with seats removed can hold a lot and both will get you a higher view than a car.</p>

<p>We've owned two Toyota pick-up trucks. Also own a Ford F-150 that S2 drives. DH had a Chevy Silverado before his Toyota. S1 currently drives a Chevy Silverado. We are a truck family (except for my Toyota Avalon). </p>

<p>We really,really like the Toyota trucks. Our first one was S1's high school "beater" truck. It was ten years old with almost 200,000 miles on it when we bought it. S2 drove it least 30,000 more miles over the next two years...never had any trouble with it.<br>
DH's truck is a 2005 Toyota Tundra x-tra cab (the old style that's not so big). We love this truck. It drives almost car-like compared to our other trucks and has a very comfortable ride. We have a second home 4.5 hours away that we travel to every other weekend. We almost always drive the truck. It rides that well. We've not had to do any kind of major repairs in the almost four years that we've had it.</p>

<p>We have had wonderful experiences with Toyotas too. I will check into both of those - thanks! wis75, we are considering SUV's too (our minivan days are OVER :-), but they have made the new Pilot (best candidate) look similar to the Element which I think might be the ugliest automobile EVER!</p>

<p>awww..I really like the Element :)</p>

<p>Does he really need a Pilot for transporting golf clubs? We have seen a dining table (taken apart) fit inside a Pontiac Vibe. They don't make that car anymore, but they do make the Toyota Matrix (the Vibe was a Matrix with a Pontiac badge).</p>

<p>Sorry PackMom...I guess it's some kind of Euro-style that I just don't get. I know some people love them - just not me.</p>

<p>Acuraman, he carries medical equipment in long "cases" approx the size of a golf "bag" filled with clubs. We call the biggest one "the coffin" and until recently, DS2 could fit inside it :-). He has a Honda CR-V now and it will only fit diagonally with the backseats down.</p>

<p>Folks, if a guy says he needs a truck, he needs a TRUCK. Been there 11 years ago. The result is a 2000 Tundra sitting in the third bay of our garage.</p>

<p>Unlike bigger trucks, Tacomas get respectable 20-25 mpg, so they are not exactly gas guzzlers. Your H needs to test drive one to decide if he is OK with a bumpier ride and handling compared to a utility vehicle.</p>

<p>You already know how great Toyotas are. The Taco is a great truck, although on the smaller side. I believe it is scheduled for a redesign coming up later this year. That could lead to an even neater truck, or some good deals on the last of the existing models.</p>

<p>New models are getting higher and higher highway mileage. I'm driving a 2010 SUV that weighs over 5300 pounds and gets 23 mpg on the highway. The double cab 4x4 taco only weighs 4100 pounds.</p>

<p>Thanks dadx, that mileage is comparable to my Honda Pilot.</p>