need some advice on math scores and chances

<p>Here's the situation for a rising senior interested in Ivies.</p>

<p>Math SAT II: 700--62 %tile.
Math SAT I: 700
AP Calc AB: 4
A's in math at a good school.</p>

<p>the candidate, who only recently decided she likes math, is hoping to do a math minor, arts/humantities major. Very strong in arts/English with lots of awards, etc.</p>

<p>Already took 2 other SAT IIS and did well (800, 780). Also got a 5 in AP physics. Will take AP calc BC next year and more physics, though not AP. Does the advanced math/physics work make up for the lower SAT scores?</p>

<p>Can/Should the candidate NOT report the SAT II math score? She is planning to take SAT I again to try to raise it up 50 points. But no time take both tests and apply ED/EA : (</p>

<p>Is this really good enough for Ivy? Or a reason to ding? Other grades and qualifications are very strong. </p>

<p>Any advice?</p>

<p>bump? Please?</p>