Need Some Advice on my Techniques/Approach

<p>OK, hai, I'm a newbie here.
I've been reading College Confidential forums for quite a while now. I've been following the "Xiggi" method and I've occassionally visited Mystery Tutor. I own/use:
- Grubers 2009
- Rocket Review 06-07- Blue Book (duh)
- Direct Hits 2 volumes 09
I'm planning to purchase:
- New blue book (duh duh)
- Online course later on.
I'm a sophomore now (I just completed my fish year) and I really really want to get a good score. My PSAT score with no prep is horrible.
Anything else I can do? (No thanks, Princeton Review.) Any other strategies/techniques you used to get a score above 2200+? (Or know someone who did?) Please, no spamming :)</p>

<p>I don't think you need all those books. Take a practice test from the blue book to see where you are right now. You have tons of time, so you shouldn't rush your studying. Pinpoint exactly the kinds of problems you're getting wrong and try to correct those.</p>

<p>how'd you get access to mystery tutor? just curious...:]</p>

<p>mystery tutor sucks.</p>

<p>i wouldn't say he "sucks"... even though he does state common sense knowledge..</p>

<p>Oh, I accessed it when it was available
Not now. :(</p>