Need Some Advice on Schedule

<p>First off, I am an upcoming senior who is having a bit of trouble deciding whether or not to take AP Biology.
Here is my tentative schedule for the next school year:</p>

<p>AP English
AP Calc BC
AP Gov/Econ
Marching Band
AP Bio (if I decide to take it)
Academic Decathlon (class might be dropped because the teacher is leaving)</p>

<p>If Academic Decathlon were dropped, I would only have 5 periods in a day. But if I decided not to take AP Bio, I would only have 4 periods in a day--that would leave me with a lot of time to finish my homework and get other stuff done like studying for SAT's or start college apps. </p>

<p>So really, what I'm asking is: should I take AP Bio or not? (taking into consideration that I will have a fairly busy schedule next year...I mean I will be able to manage...I'll just be EXTRA stressed) And will NOT taking AP Bio hurt me in the college application process?</p>

<p>How many science classes have you already taken? And at what levels?</p>

<p>What are you planning on majoring in?</p>

<p>Oops, forgot!</p>

<p>I've taken:
Honors Biology (Freshman year)
Honors Chem (Sophomore year)
AP Physics (Junior year)</p>

<p>As of right now (highly possible that it will change), I'm interested in business/finance.</p>

<p>With marching band, you'll pretty much be busy. Trust me, I know the demands on marching band, I'm in one.</p>

<p>From what I've eard, AP Biology is a course with a huge work load. I dont think it'll hurt you if you were to drop it since you took AP Physics but then again, your other APs arent super hard either. I'd say go for it.</p>

<p>Do any of the schools you're very interested in require or strongly recommend four years of science? I know a lot do so for math, science, English, and the like.</p>

<p>Haha, well, I think that answered my question. I suppose I'll take AP Bio next year. Thanks everyone for the replies :)</p>

<p>You looked it up and they do require four years of science?</p>

<p>^Colleges in general want to see 4 years of everything</p>

From what I've eard, AP Biology is a course with a huge work load.


<p>It really isn't, unless if the teacher makes it so. Unlike Math/Chem/Physics, there are no daily homework problems to do. You just memorize what you learn.</p>

<p>No I didn't. But I do want to attend a top tier college and they're probably one of those schools that "highly recommend" four years of science.</p>