Need some advice

<p>Hi, So I graduated from high school this year and going to a private uni next semester, however my mom wanted me to apply to a government university just in case, so I went and they told me I had to take SAT 2 and I had only taken SAT 1 and got a total of 2050, 750 maths.</p>

<pre><code> Anyways I'm going into engineering and I forgot to ask about Maths Level 1 or 2,they told me I need to do SAT 2 physics and Maths, Now I figured out from SAT 1 that the best way to study for it was through official exams, should I do the same for the maths and physics and do they have Official study books for each subject from collegeboard?

<p>I think the only official study book for Subject Tests is CollegeBoard's "The Official Study Guide for all SAT Subject Tests" or something like that. I actually didn't think it was very helpful (it only had practice tests). I liked Princeton Review books for the Subject Tests, though I haven't tried the ones for Physics or Math..... And if you're going into engineering, you'll probably need Math 2...</p>