Need some basic information on counselor's and teacher's recommendation letters.

  1. Does the recommending teacher have to meet any requirements? Like if I want to study mathematics in college, will my counselor or teacher need to have some background in mathematics?
  2. My high school is not in the U.S., and we don't have a counselor. Will a teacher of my choice suffice instead?
  3. Will the counselor have to write some sort of a recommendation letter as well?
  4. Can the counselor be a recommending teacher as well?

Thanks in advance for the help!

  1. Generally not. MOst US colleges don't hold you to what you currently state as your intended area of study. You declare your major in your 2nd year. Thus to have this requirement of your high school recommender makes no sense. However, check the requirements of your target colleges. Some ask for one math/science instructor and one from a humanities/language instructor. This is rare however -- but you should check.
  2. Your headmaster or someone who can convey details of the school itself (grade formula, description, other school data).
  3. Sometimes. Most US counselors do not personally know their students. This isn't uncommon and colleges know this. This "recommendation" is the least important
  4. Yes.

That was extremely helpful, thanks!