need some expertise

<p>I am saving the busy some time now, this is a chance/advice thread. I am a junior in highschool. U of C is my 1st choice and I will do EA or ED if it would help. I am in need of some advice and chance expertise to assist me in improving myself as a student prospect for U of C. Please feel free to ask questions or reccomend. Freshmen 1st sem. 2A, 1A-,1 B+, 3 B-, 1 c+
2nd sem.--> 2A,1B,1B-,2 C+, 1C. This was a bad year. I was not focused, yet, I made (what I consider) a strong turnaround. btw-No ec's freshmen year. Soph. year consisted of an entirely academic load (no electives whatsoever, as in all math/science/english/history) 1st Sem.--></p>

<p>1st Sem.-->1A,3A-,2B+,1B. 2nd sem.-->3A,1A-,3B. all academic classes and no electives for the wrest of high school. Involved in track,civil air patrol, tutoring(all subjects), make a difference orginization. my junior year, this year, I am taking AP Psych. AP Us HIst. AP Euro. Hist., Honors literature and composition, Honors Geometry, German, and Chem. going to get all A's. projected 5 for APUS, 5 for APEuro, 4-5 for AP Psych. PSAT tommorow, expecting good results. I am pres. of Make a diff. this year, Secretary of Model UN, Alpha Flight commander for civil air patrol, Varsity track, student tutoring (all subjects). Projected 31-34 on ACT. prob. taking AP bio, AP environmental science, AP gov., AP econ.,Ap english, Honors Humanities, and pre-calc. I will continue to study German (now independantly). I will get all As. At the end of soph. year I had a 3.2, but if I continue to get all A's will end up with ~3.6. Senior year I will again be pres. of make a diff., vice-pres. of model UN, high ranking civil air patrol cadet, still tutoring, still varsity track (maybe pole vault captain). Teachers would agree that I can right stellar essays, and Im confident I can get great recomendations from Advanced history, science, and English as well as from the principal and my counselor. please let something I might not know about U of C that is important, give advice for senior year and how to better myself, or/and let me know my chances. School does not weight or rank. 90% caucasian 10% native american, parents don't have college degrees and are divorced, we make under 50k a year, I hope i qualify for financial aid. Am i missing anything? Thanks!</p>

<p>Take the most challenging courses offered, and do well. You have a shot, write good essays.</p>

<p>Hey! You've got a chance! Just remember which "write" to use on the ACT (lol). It's all about those essays! And get an interview. U of C does not have ED by the way.</p>

<p>I was wondering about that ED. Do you think it would be more beneficial for me to do EA or Reg.</p>

<p>percentage-wise, there's no advantage to EA here. All EA will get you, as far I as I know, is comfort knowing your admissions decision in December, and if you decide to attend, preference in housing. You can combine Chicago's Early Action with another school's Early Action or another school's Early Decision, as long as that other school says it's okay too.</p>

<p>If you want to take the later deadline, you can.</p>

<p>hey guys, Like I said I am a junior, and I requested the U of C information from the internet. Instead of a brochure or something I just got the Un-common application. What the heck is up with that, what do I do. Do they think I am a senior, what if anything will this do to my standing in the college. ?</p>

<p>you definitely have a chance... contact the track coaches, work your ass off with the time you have left, and do well on the essays.</p>

<p>I'm currently a freshman at UC, and I just want to say one thing.</p>

<p>It ALL comes down to your essays. I had a friend who had better test scores than her other friend, and her friend got in EA, and she didn't. She ended up getting here on Reg Dec, but it all really does come down to the essay.</p>

<p>If your essay's kick-ass and representative of yourself or your own quirkiness, you'll be fine. Seriously. Good luck!</p>

<p>Have fun righting your stellar essays.</p>

<p>was that sarcasm, if it was I didn't mean to offend you. I just really enjoy writing and think I can do a good job. If it wasn't sarcasm; Thanks.</p>

lol, I think he/she is trying to make light of your err in spelling.</p>

<p>It is "write" not "right"</p>

<p>HA haha thanks for pointing that out, not only was it write, not right, but it was also 5 in the morning. coo, thanx... i mean thanks.</p>