Need some help: Cornell VS CMU? (Engineering)

<p>Hi, I'm deciding between Cornell and CMU. I'd be reading engineering most definitely and would likely choose electrical and computer engineering. I'm also interested in taking up business/finance modules/minors. I'm an international student on scholarship and i chose to read engineering for interest's sake. After completing my studies, i would likely be pursuing a general management role instead but i guess the engineering background would still be of use some way or another. </p>

<p>I understand CMU is renowned for its electrical and computer engineering program. Besides, it also has quite a gd business school as well. As for Cornell, it's engineering program is not too bad off as well. Besides, it's an ivy league school so the branding factor is definitely there i guess. Hence the dilemma... </p>

<p>Any thoughts and comments would be most deeply appreciated. Thank you all for your help in advance!</p>

<p>For Engineering and Business studies, I think Cornell and CMU are equal. In terms of overall quality and reputation, Cornell has the edge over CMU. But you really should focus on their respective atmospheres. CMU is located in a large city, Cornell is located in a small college town. CMU has a relatively sedate campus environment, Cornell is more lively. And since you are international, which school is more recognized back home? That too should play a role in your decision.</p>