Need some help! Thank you!

<p>So i just registered for my college classes for freshmen year and I am wondering if i made a mistake.
On MON/WED/FRI, I have: Math:10-1050, Art: 11-1150, History:12-1250, and English:1-215
So I only have 1 class (Math:10-1050) on Tuesday and NO CLASS on Thursday. Did I make a mistake by having Back to Back to Back to Back classes on Mon/Wed/Fri. I figure I will eat before 10 and then eat again at 230. So for those who have been to college, is this good or bad? I figure i will have all day to study on Tuesday and Thursday plus the weekend. Also, I will be attending California State University Fullerton. Thanks! EDIT!!!!(I have changed my schedule by taking the HISTORY 11-1150 class and putting it on TUESDAY/THURSDAY so that will have only 3 classes MON/WED/FRI and will have a lunch break. Is this good)???</p>

<p>Seriously, you really don't need to post the same thread nearly 5 times.</p>

<p>agreed, either it will be ok or it won't and you can change it!!!</p>

<p>Use some damn paragraph breaks (and spaces) and stuff so it is easier to read your schedule to start.</p>