Need some help

<p>I know this is another one of those "wonder if ill get in" but i've been worrying bout colleges for the past 2 weeks. im not sure if its in my head that my grades are bad or not but...
my high school GPA is Weighted at around a 3.4/3.5. the thing i do have is sports (swimming for all 4 years and waterpolo for 3) hopefully that counts. and SAT score was 1590</p>

<p>any input?</p>

<p>Also, i've heard alot of rumors about it being a party school, would that mess with studies a lot?</p>

<p>whats your reading + math score on sat?</p>

<p>and yes san diego is a party school, dont know if thats a bad or good thing, probably neither</p>

<p>My reading was 560 and my math score was 580 writing was 550.</p>

<p>im sure you will get in... you have a high gpa, but i wouldnt worry about the party scene, eanywhere you go to college you are going to run into that, its up to you to not make it a problem,,,,, good luck! mabye we will see eachother next year!</p>

<p>Well i messed up on my GPA, it turns out i actually have a 3.7, and i added the sat score wrong, its actually 1690. this boosts my chances quite a bit, right?
And what i meant by the party scene thing was if it was distracting.</p>

<p>its as distracting as you let it be. people dont jump in your bed and start partying. you go to the parties, they dont come to you.</p>