Need some help

<p>I have a headache. I'm currently a senior and I'm taking AP Biology and BC Calculus. I also hav to take the SAT again in October becaz my grades werent that good last time. However, my parents are persisting I drop AP Bio and study for SAT becaz I get no time whatsoever to study for the SAT. (I want to get into a BS/MD program, so high SAT scores are necessary).</p>

<p>Now I'm thinking that even if I drop AP Bio, after the SAT, I will hav 2 free periods for nothing.</p>

<p>I'm so confuzzled. Do you think it would be wise to drop AP Bio?</p>

dropping AP BIO for Two free periods? Idk about that......even during SAT study time</p>

<p>I think AP Bio is also important for BS/MD programs even though high SAT scores are def. more important. If you simply HAD to pick, I'd say drop calc BC. It's basically just eloborating on the main princles of calc learned in AB, right? I mean, it's obviously not a waste of time but if I personally had to choose, I'd drop that class.</p>

<p>o but i never took AB calculus or regular calculus...our school does it differently..u take precalc..and then u could take calc or ap calc</p>

<p>well, I guess my advice doesn't apply then...sorry</p>