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I am currently a junior and in 5 IB classes… HL math, history, English, bio and SL physics. I plan on going into an engineering field, not biological engineering. I do not see HL bio being academically advantageous aside from the fact that it is a HL science. I have heard through the grape vine that if you drop a two year IB class after year 1 you do not get the weighted credit, which I would like to avoid. If not taking year 2 means losing the credit I will probably stick it out
Secondly, I am taking my first dedicated chemistry class this year and am finding it enjoyable. My school offers HL chem, no SL. I was wondering if i could take either year of this class as a senior. I do not know if I could take year 1 since its for juniors, and I do not know if I could take year 2 since its for those that took year 1. But if I was allowed to take year 2 I could probably figure the first year out over the summer, I know the whole HL chem class and I could get the book.

Short version:

do you lose weighted credit if you do not take the second year of a HL class?
Can you take year 1 of a HL class as a senior or could you take year 2 without year 1?

That’s a HS policy. You need to ask the GC

Unlikely, but again, it’s a question for the GC.

These are questions for your school guidance counselor.

That said, if you are going into engineering, chem will be more valuable than bio in terms of preparation.

Alright, thanks guys!

Followup for those that take/took HL chem… would it be suicide to start at year 2?
Thanks again.

The school probably won’t let you, but yes, it’s suicide.

Hey guys. I am presently a sophomore in an Ib school and I would like to ask you Ib students who will be taking the IB May session, if you could go back 1 year ago , what would you change or not and why ? What summer camps , online courses , research, help or resources would you have visited