Need some input on my college app decisions!

<p>I'm in love with George Washington University in D.C. I want to double major in Political Science and a major to be determined (most likely American History). I am thinking about applying as an early decision in hopes of improving my chances of getting accepted (38% acceptance rate). My number two choice is American university (which has a 50% acceptance rate). My interest in my number 3 school is a huge drop off. If I don't get accepted into either GW or AU I will be really dissapointed. </p>

<p>I would appreciate if someone could honestly asess my chances of getting into GWU and AU based on early decision. If AU becomes a much more probable school to be accepted into, I may apply as early decision over GWU. </p>

<p>Here is my resume:</p>

<p>3.43 GPA
Top 16% of class*(class of 280, typical suburban school)</p>

<p>My GPA/class rank improved greatly during junior year and will likely get higher during my senior year (target is to get GPA to 3.5, top 12% of class)</p>

<p>Test Scores: Didn't take the SATs (and I do not intend to)
27 on the ACT (90th percentile)
28 English
28 Math
27 Reading
23 Science</p>

<p>12 out of 12 on the Essay portion</p>

<p>780 on SAT II for U.S. History</p>

<p>5 on AP U.S. History exam</p>

<p>Courses Taken:
Freshman Year:No honors classes freshman year.
Sophmore Year: Honors- World History (B Avg, high for course), Civics (B+, top 5 n course of about 50 students)
Junior Year: AP US history (B+, highest in class, top 2 or 3 for course of 40 students)
Senior Year: Honors- Anatomy/Physiology, Speech, English, Italian
AP Economics (Macro and Micro)</p>

<p>School Activities:
-Founding member of a politcal club in school
-Vice President Sophmore year
-Treasurer Junior year
-Vice President Senior year
(group activities include campaigning, drives for the troops and an upcoming debate vs. other political club at school)</p>

<p>-Model UN (Junior, senior year)</p>

<p>-Chemistry Olympiad</p>

<p>Out of School</p>

<p>-Won an essay contest run by Stony Brook University, essay was regarding Italian culture (I've taken Italian for 4 years now)</p>

<p>-I volunteer 3+ hours a week at an Italian cultural club, doing things like typing, printing, making copies, helping out a social events, etc</p>

<p>-Volunteered at a local hospital for 50 hours during summer as a freshman</p>

<p>-attended National Youth Leadership Forum on defense, diplomacy, and intelligence</p>

<p>-Babysit 1-2 times a month (Every other time for pay, everyother time for free)</p>

<p>can anybody give me some insight?</p>

<p>male or female?</p>

<p>male, American has a 2 to 1 female to male ratio, that might be in my favor</p>

<p>Yeah. That's exactly why I would get in. Youll get in easily to American.</p>

<p>Thats great to know. I'm just nervous that if I ED to GWU, its going to be a reach and may keep me from getting into AU on a regular application. For some reason AU attracts mostly females. The person that suggested I look into AU is a former female student of course!</p>

<p>I am in love with GW but if I get rejected AU with be my new #1 choice BY FAR. I also like DePaul but it doesn't compare to GWU or AU.</p>

<p>I think you are good for GW. You have an upward trend, pretty solid ACT scores, and you have ok ECs. I would not apply ED unless you think your senior grades are going to be average. If it looks like you may get straight As first semester, then apply RD and improve your chances by showing you arent slacking Senior year like the rest of your classmates are. If you are not living in the DC area i say you are in at AU. It seems to me like it is a commuter school because it has a metro station right there, so they may want more kids who will live on campus. </p>

<p>Why would you apply GW ED? It is one of the most expensive colleges in the US and I personally do not get why anyone would lock into a school that charges so much that isnt considered one of the nations very top schools. Dont let that deter you from applying ED. You obviously love the school and should apply ED if your parents can afford the 50k/year, but i personally do not think 200k in debt for an undergrad degree is worth the money.</p>